How to set up a menu

How to set up a menu

A good menu is the key of success. Because it’s one of the reasons people come to your restaurant. So when your start you own restaurant you need a good concept for a delicious menu. When you have chosen the different kinds of meals, you can begin with the design of the restaurant menu. You can give it the same design as the interior of your restaurant.



The first thing you have to do is to choose different kinds of meals. If you have an Italian restaurant is logical you choose pizza for on the menu. When you choose different kinds of plates you have to consider different kinds of people. People can be vegetarian or having allergies for gluten or nuts. You always need a alternative. Because people are difficult these days. It’s also important to have a special kids menu. Because kids aren’t big eaters. So you can make smaller portions. Everything to make the customer happy.



When you have chosen the meals you want to serve, you have to find suppliers. If you want for example start an Italian restaurant you need crust or dough balls for the base of the pizza. You can get them at Monte Pizza Crust. For fresh ingredients like vegetables and fruits you have to find a good supplier. Because they are moulding very fast. If you don’t want to waste too much money on a supplier, you have to buy in large quantities. They often give you a discount when you buy many things. And a big part of the products is able to refrigerate. So you can always use them.



When you have chosen everything you have to design the menu. That means the presentation of your food. The first thing you have to do is to divide the menu in different sections. For example the starter, main course and dessert. Then you can add different photos of special meals. But don’t use too much! Instead of pictures you can also use illustration. If you like to order your menu you can use boxes. Boxes give an organised feeling. Then you can choose one or different kinds of typography. You can pick a color or just leave it black and white. But remember that the menu is a important part of the restaurant.

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