2017 Top 5 MNC Companies

2017 Top 5 MNC Companies

With an ever-changing climate of different competing industries, only so many can consistently come out on top. From banking to technology and everything in-between these powerhouses have strengths and weaknesses that make them the definitive companies they are today.


MNC’s make a significant impact on the foreign market for the amount of investment that carries through. Often dipping their fingers in different countries to expand profits and grow as a global brand. For the year of 2017 however, some interesting businesses have the luxury of being named top 5 multinational companies.


5) Walmart

One of the original top dogs in MNC, it’s no surprise this household-name made it to number 5. Walmart boasts over 2 million employees which operate in over 11,000 stores worldwide. Walmart continues to expand today, becoming as frequent as a Starbucks on every corner. With its massive amount of loyal customers that buy a lot of things cheap, it doesn’t look like Walmarts going away anytime soon.


4) FedEx

FedEx, or Federal Express, continues to be a dominant mail delivery service that operates globally. With over 400,000 employees enlisted, the company continues to advance their name in the form of innovation. They became the first to provide customers with the ability to track their packages through live updates, making them an incredible service to this day.


3) Microsoft

Who doesn’t own a computer nowadays? Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded Microsoft all the way back in 1975 from which they produced many innovative products such as the first BASIC interpreter, IBM processing, and Microsoft Windows. The company has without a doubt changed the world of technology and doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.


2) Toyota

Toyota has an amazing employee chart that goes well over 350,000 global workers. The automobile company produces all kinds of cars from luxury, sports, and commercial vehicles with an engine system that’s noted for being one of the best. Besides that, the company itself works around the clock to change the way we drive vehicles by always experimenting new ideas.


1) Apple Inc

Have you heard of them? Founded by Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne to produce and market personal computers, they’ve come a long way not to make their mark on history. The company’s services operate in 22 counties with over 110,000 employees. iPod, iPhone, Mac, and iTunes are just a few of the companies feats.


All MNC companies have started from the ground up with little to no help. Most were either started over a century ago or have just recently started their legacy from just a couple decades. It’s not telling who will come out on top for the years to come, and who will go on to change the world.

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